I AM Empowerment speaks up and stands up for injustices on a local and State level. We also balance between activism and self-care. Our most pressing issues currently have been raising awareness on protecting immigrant rights for the undocumented community, standing with the LGBTQ+ community, and breaking the stigma on mental illness.

We run a support group for the undocumented community called Corazón. We meet once a month in Yakima, WA. 


community service/building community

We strongly believe in being united as a community. With the rise in hate crimes, we speak up and take action against injustices, and we also take the time to get know our neighbor. In order to reduce hate, ignorance and crime, we must challenge ourselves to get outside of our comfort zones and meet someone with a different ethnic background from us, speaks a different language, eats different foods, and has different beliefs than us. Love is better than hate. 

Come join our Community Sports Day each month in Yakima, WA. 


supporting causes

Raising funds for causes is one of I AM Empowerment's passions. We are amazed and humbled at the generosity of people. It is a reminder that people are good and working collectively is how we make the biggest changes in this world.

Check out some of I AM Empowerment's fundraising efforts.