I AM empowered unapologetic unafraid undocumented  Latinx.

I AM empowered unapologetic unafraid undocumented  Latinx.

Rocío Carrión

executive director

My purpose in life is to serve others. My passion is to help them discover their potential.

In 2010 I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle, WA. As an undocumented and driven student I learned how to be resourceful and how to advocate for myself and others. In 2008 I co-founded a peer support group for undocumented students at UW called “The Purple Group” which today serves more than 200 undocumented students and has spread to other universities inspiring them to create their own support groups. I started a movement and now I'm unstoppable. I believe I AM Empowerment will grow to become a movement as well, dedicated to motivate individuals to turn their dreams into goals, take action and be resilient. Throughout my career journey I have had the opportunity to work with foster youth, young womxn and men of color, special needs students, and homeless youth. It has challenged and expanded my knowledge on issues students from different backgrounds face. ALL students struggle. My purpose in life is to serve students and my passion is to help them discover their potential.

 I AM resilient.

 I AM resilient.

jair juarez

program manager

I love working with diverse groups of people. They inspire me and fill me with hope.

On Monday, January 9, 2012, during my senior year at Washington State University Vancouver, I began working on a project that started as a very simple idea. I wanted to create a 3-hour leadership program for Latina/o middle school students to inspire them to work through challenges and continue moving forward. I had been working with several incredible organizations at the time and I wanted to push myself to create my own meaningful program. In 2013, I was very excited to partner with Rocío Carrión and I’m glad we did because together we have engaged in keynote speaking, facilitated half-day and full-day leadership & empowerment workshops, and have led overnight and weekend retreats. Our work has grown from only working with Latina/o middle school students, to serving middle school, high school, and college students from all walks of life. We also work with non-profit organizations and businesses. I hope that our organization, I AM Empowerment, helps give you a few extra tools in your life to always continue moving forward and to never lose hope.


A young girl and a young boy had a dream.

I AM Empowerment exists to inspire action. From 2012 to 2015, it was a volunteer based organization. In January 2016 I AM Empowerment became a limited liability company in Washington State. To present date 40 programs have been facilitated in 15 cities and 3 states serving 2,000 individuals. Rocío and Jair joined forces to impact the lives of others. In 2013 the vision of the program grew to reach a more diverse population with an expanded curriculum. Although undocumented, Rocío and Jair have maintained an optimistic attitude. Today, they work with and empower individuals regardless of ethnicity, religious preference, gender, age, sexual orientation, income and citizenship status. They strive to inspire individuals to discover and believe in their potential, passion and purpose.